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SJW Virus by Showa-Sylvie SJW Virus by Showa-Sylvie

When it first appeared:
2015, but many suspect it appeared earlier than that

Groups most commonly affected: college students, young adults, young teens, LGBT members and feminists

Ages at greatest risk affected:

Genders: mostly females are infected but some males have been infected too

Description: the SJW Virus is a strange phenomenon that's been spreading in the second half of the 2010's. No one know where it came from exactly, but due to the rise of political correctness, everything is offensive, and no jokes can ever be made in the fear of "triggering" someone. Those who have not been infected looks in distress at their close allies, who in the past, used to be normal, but now their allies are acting very erratic.

Symptoms include, but not limited to:

Bullet; Green use fake genders to label themselves, examples being: genderfluid, nonbinary, demigirl, etc...

Bullet; Green suddenly becomes extremely racist towards white people

Bullet; Green calls for the death of police officers

Bullet; Green fake sexualities such as demisexual, saphiosexual, pansexual, etc.

Bullet; Green refers to racial minorities as "people of color" instead of Black, Asian, Hispanic, etc...

Bullet; Green wants safe spaces in colleges, even though the point of college is to prepare you for the real world

Bullet; Green thinks it's impossible for racial minorities to be racist towards white people

Bullet; Green thinks that Black Lives Matter isn't a racist hate group

Bullet; Green thinks anyone who doesn't agree with barbaric practices of Islam is "islamophobic"

Bullet; Green belittle racial minorities who loves/befriends/dates/marries white people

Bullet; Green refers common misconceptions as "microaggressions"

Bullet; Green wants to police gender language

Bullet; Green wants death for those who's sex and gender matches up 

Bullet; Green demands others to use "neopronouns" (xir, xen, xer...) instead of he/she

Bullet; Green hates all men

Bullet; Green calls for the death of men

Bullet; Green thinks every woman is an innocent angel while every man is the spawn of Satan

Bullet; Green thinks misandry is okay

Bullet; Green thinks that disagreeing with a woman is suddenly misogynist

Bullet; Green thinks it's impossible that women can rape men

Bullet; Green thinks the wage gap is still a real thing

Bullet; Green artists draw in this really unappealing art style

Bullet; Green thinks heterosexual people are pure evil

Bullet; Green thinks all white people are automatically racist

Bullet; Green blames white people for slavery, even though people of every color owned/sold slaves

Bullet; Green doesn't focus on actual crimes committed against women and LGBT people in 3rd world countries

Bullet; Green those who wear glasses tend to all have this same style: very big and kinda...pointy? AKA hipster glasses

Bullet; Green weird hair styles

Bullet; Green  PATRIARCHY!!!

Bullet; Green thinks keeping our borders closed is racist

Bullet; Green thinks those who are legit afraid of refugees and the refugee crisis are bigots

Bullet; Green
calls for the death of Trump supporters

Bullet; Green thinks being obese has no health complication whatsoever

Bullet; Green otherkin

 What's the cure?

...even though there's really no known cure to disinfect an entire group of people at once, there are ways to cure individuals. Especially if that individual is a close friend or family member. You TALK to them. Talk to them, and explain what they're doing is really wrong. It's wrong to be suddenly racist towards white people, hate all men, and belittle straight people.

This will take a while but soon the virus should die off from the individual and they'll be back to normal.

Prediction that the SJW virus dies off completely?

Some believe it'll die off completely sometime later in 2017, while other think it won't be until the 2020's.

How can I avoid being infected?

Don't associate with SJW's. If someone near you begins talking to you about how it's awesome to hate men and calls racial minorities "people of color", that is when it's time for you to shut them off immediately. Shut 'em out, and don't pay any more attention to their hate speech.

If it's on the Internet, avoid profiles that you know an SJW is running. 'specially on deviantART, if you see a profile that's all "uwu sweaty nooo oo o :^))) ???????????????", then leave. Immediately. Don't get infected by it.

Use these tips wisely and good luck!

Brought to you by Dr. Daisy © 2017

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